learn to be water smart 

SMART Swim School lessons are 30 minutes long, with 14 week blocks running 3 times a year.  
All Swim School lessons are taught by qualified STA or Swim England Swim Teachers, with younger and weaker groups having both a Swim Teacher and Swim Assistant in the water supporting them. Swimmers follow the International STA Learn to Swim programme, which starts from newborn all the way up to pre-competition, as well as having supporting schemes for adults and additional needs. We use a wide range of equipment, swim toys and buoyancy aids to encourage development across all ages and abilities, including sensory toys for babies and aids for competitive swimming.  
Spring Term Dates 
Finishes Monday 15th April 
Summer Term Dates 
Starts Tuesday 16th April 
Finishes Monday 29th July 
No swimming for half term Monday 27th May - Sunday 2nd June 
Baby and Pre-school 
Our baby and pre-school lessons are from newborn to 4 years. These run during weekday day times and weekend mornings, with some pre-school lessons available straight after school. Baby lessons are aimed for 0 - 3 years with parent and the Swim Teacher in the water. Pre-school lessons are aimed for 3 years plus with the Swim Teacher and Swim Assistant in the water. All lessons have a child centered approach, bringing land based learning theories into the water. These lessons include water safety, confidence, bonding, sensory development plus independence once able. Babies and toddlers will be working towards the STA Starfish and Stanley awards, plus the incentive schemes available. 
Swim School 
Our Swim School lessons are aimed for 4 years and above, from non-swimmer to pre-competition. Our swimmers develop up through our red, orange, yellow, green and purple tiered system, with each level corresponding to awards within the STA International Learn to Swim Programme. Multiple classes are run at once to allow siblings to swim at the same time. We offer group and private lessons; with private lessons being available at most times within the centre schedule, to allow for flexibility with finding those quieter, calmer sessions. Our lower level classes will have a Swim Teacher and Swim Assistant in the water, helping support and encourage confidence, basic learn to swim skills and safety techniques. 
Adult Swim Lessons 
We appreicate learning a new skill can be daunting and nerve racking. Our Adult Only Swim Lessons allow adults to relax and enjoy their learn to swim journey. We offer Adult group and private lessons for those who wish to learn, exercise and socialise; with lessons being taught by a qualified Swim Teacher. We don't just teach you how to swim but we tailor these sessions to your needs and aims, as adult swimmers will have their own agenda for attending lessons. STA Adult awards and distance awards are also available, as we believe your hard work should also be rewarded and not limited to just children! Everyone should learn to swim and enjoy the water, so why wait? Start your learn to swim journey now! 
Adult and Child lessons are for 0 - 3 year olds with one adult in the water holding and supporting little one, whilst in a class with others of a similar age.  
Reds are our pre-school classes, aimed at 3-5 year olds who have either started off in our adult and child class or have joined us within this age group. 
Oranges are our non-swimmer to water confident classes, aimed at 5 years plus with swimmers that have either started off in our Red class or have joined us at the start of their learn to swim journey. 
Yellows are our beginner to early imporver clasess and are aimed at approx 6 years plus swimmers who are swimming basic Frontcrawl and Backstroke over a 10m distance, half the length of our pool. 
Greens are our early imporver, early lane classes and are aimed at approx 8 years plus swimmers who are swimming Frontcrawl and Backstroke down the length of the pool ,with good technique. 
Purples are our advance swimmers who are approx 10 years plus and are swimming multiple lengths in Frontcrawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke.  
Private lessons are avaialable for children and adults during regular swimschool hours or within our quiet times.  
Level Water Private Lessons are our funded private swim lessons where you pay the group price and Level Water covers the remaining private lesson cost. Funding is for swimmers who have a a physical disability, hearing or visual impairment . You can apply for funding using this link - Level Water Funding 

How can I book? 

Booking into lessons so should be easy to allow you to focus on and enjoy your learn to swim journey!  
At SMART Swim Centre, we don't believe in just booking swimmers into empty spaces, we look at each individual swimmer and offer classes that we feel is suitable to their needs and abilities. Lessons are 7 days a week; after school and weekend mornings, plus during the day for under 5's and adults on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. To book a class, please complete our Online Enquiry Form. Once completed a member of our admin team will contact you with details, including availability and prices. Payments for a block of lessons can be paid in full or via monthly direct debit at no extra cost. 
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